POP VOIP service includes a variety of features designed to facilitate office productivity.

PBX Hosted Phone System Features

  • Push-to-Talk: Instant access to the people on your network, even if they are located remotely.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: Business toll free number service (including vanity numbers) to attract customers.
  • Hold Music/Message: Customizable message or music for customers on hold.
  • Holiday Voicemail: Automatic voicemail message played for calls over holidays and after business hours.
  • Call Forwarding: Redirects calls to any number, cell phones included.
  • Conference Calls: Group communication for 2 or more parties.
  • Queued Calling: Organized hold system keeps track of customers until a representative is available.
  • Simultaneous Ring: Office calls ring simultaneously on your home or cellular phone.
  • Voicemail-to-Email: Delivers voicemail messages directly to your email.
  • Office Paging: Easy-to-use paging system based on office extensions.
  • Remote Connectivity: Flexible service lets you to take your business on the road.
  • Department Listings: Main line allows customers to input departmental or personal extensions.
  • Online Management: User-friendly website for online account setup and modification.
  • Call Screening: Identifies callers so that recipients may accept or reject calls without picking up.
  • Call Recording: Real-time recordings playable from any computer.

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