The story.

Let’s face it: Business VoIP is about more than phones and features. It’s about the company you’ll be dealing with each day.

So what kind of company is POP VOIP?

We’re focused on small business.

POP VOIP doesn’t market to big businesses (though some of our customers started small and got big, with a little help from us). We don’t sell VoIP to residential customers, either.

POP VOIP focuses exclusively on small businesses. Most of our customers have 50 employees or less.

Working solely with small businesses means we know exactly what you need. Like products and service that are more reliable, easier to use and designed to keep you happy—day in and day out.

Our goal is to eliminate hassles—after all, you have a business to run.

When you work with POP VOIP, you’ll never get the feeling we’d rather be working with the big fish.

Because you are the big fish to us.

We’re real people.

Sooner or later, every Business VoIP customer has to call Customer Care or Technical Support.

With POP VOIP, though, there’s no need to dread making that call. Because you’ll end up talking with a real, live—and friendly—person, right here at our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

Our support people are well-informed. They’re exceptionally pleasant, too.

Even better—like all of us at POP VOIP—they understand small businesses and how critical it is that your hosted phone system works just right. Right now.

So you will never have to fret over calling our support center.

Convenient and dependable.

One of the many advantages of using Business VoIP is the convenience of setting up your phone system at any internet equipt location.

This gives you the freedom to work anywhere there is a internet connection. All you need to do is plug in your pre-configured phone, and you’re good to go.

Many VoIP providers however, do not allow small companies to access their websites and make changes. At Pop VoIP, we always put our customer first and give them access to our simple, easy to use website interface.

This allows you to:

  • Add/remove extensions.
  • Create welcome greetings.
  • Set-up call forwarding.
  • Send voicemail to email.

Among various other comprehensive features.

Here at Pop VoIP, we pride ourselves on giving customers reliable, high quality VoIP service at a discounted price. We understand that every company is unique and has different needs, and we look forward to catering to each individual one.


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